Time to buy Tesla stock?

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Tesla’s recent update on production and delivery reveals that the company is going strong. They manufactured nearly 480,000 electric vehicles (EVs) in the second quarter, with deliveries soaring 83% higher compared to the previous year. The good news propelled the stock price higher and Tesla’s stock has more than doubled this year! Is it time […]

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Unveiling the Winning Formula: Matthew Peterson’s Decade of Beating the Market

I had a wonderful interview last night with Matthew Peterson from Peterson Capital Management, and the entire session was simply mind-blowing! Matthew revealed a plethora of investment insights on how he managed to achieve a compounded annual growth rate of over 14% for his fund over the past 11 years. Here are my key personal

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How to invest money with banks?

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With the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank, Silvergate Bank, and now many other banks in trouble, many investors are left to question, whether is it still safe to invest in banks. You must be wondering: “How to invest money with banks safely?” But we all know, Warren Buffett said, “Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.” With the extreme

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Time To Sell Baba?

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Alibaba’s stock price has suffered significantly in recent years, resulting in a painful 50% loss for shareholders who have held the stock for the past five years. Additionally, investors were shocked by the negative earnings the company is suffering from. These losses have led many to question whether Alibaba has lost its competitive edge. Is

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Options Hedge Strategies

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With the market jumping due to the recent inflation cool-down, many investors are expecting the FED to pivot. But what if it doesn’t happen? Could this potentially lead us to another market crash? Learn options hedge strategies to protect your portfolio against the potential market crash! The FED will only be making announcements on their

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Selling Call Options

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You have 100 shares of Tesla and you believe that long-term the stock price will go up, but lately, the stock market is behaving like a see-saw, up down up down, and going nowhere. You are wondering, how can you generate additional potential income while holding onto the Tesla stocks. If you want to generate

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