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I was completely new to investing. However, Chloe was very patient in guiding me to get started and I’m glad I’m now automating my CPF investing process and have made over $3000 in the past 2 years.


Gena Tan

I have been struggling with consistent wins in Stock investing, but after attending Chloe’s class to learn about our individual risk profile, how we can diversify the risks with ETF investing, and realize the increase in % of gains. I am confident now that the knowledge I gained will help me tremendously in profiting more.


Derrick Thio

A very friendly coach and very patient to us whom kept asking her our doubt sometimes like repeatedly. Her teaching is easy to understand and we did progress slow and steady.

Seok Hui

I am much inspired by Chloe’s investment philosophy. She is full of energy and passion. She always communicates with heart. I would recommend her to everyone.

Alex Sum

My portfolio is stock-focused now & I wanted to diversify to have a safety net. The ETF Mastery class gave me the knowledge & confidence to get started in ETF & planning my portfolio. I’ve managed to plan my portfolio & a clear plan. & I’ve already seen the results. Definitely recommend this class if you are a safe & Zen investor. Thank you Chloe.


Tessa Pee

Started my journey of investing a few months ago. Personally, I find that Chloe is a very excellent Coach. She is very engaging and willing to share her personal experience during the course. Thank Chloe for all her teaching.


Wong Kwek Ming

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