Why I think Sea Limited Is Doomed

sea limited is doomed

This morning, I was engrossed in reading “The Buffettology Workbook” by my investment mentor, Mary Buffett. Interestingly, her insights seem to resonate with what’s unfolding at Sea Limited. According to Mary, Warren Buffett typically avoids investing in commodity type of business businesses. But how can you identify one? Mary’s take on this is quite intuitive:

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Cash is King?

cash is king

“Cash is king.” We have heard of this saying a long time ago and are often advised by our parents or families to keep more cash. However as an investor, I used to hate keeping cash because holding cash in the bank yields a meaningless return. But after experiencing the recent market cycle, I grew

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How To Navigate The Stock Market: Insights From Bogumil Baranowski

Bogumil-Baranowski cover

In the ever-changing landscape of investing, it is crucial to stay adaptable, emotionally resilient, and continuously educate oneself. Bogumil Baranowski, a portfolio manager and founding partner of Sicart Associates, shares valuable insights on weathering market volatility, cultivating a calm mindset, imparting financial education to future generations, and his own journey shaped by historical events and

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TSM Stock Update

tsm stock cover

While Nvidia may currently be in the spotlight for its advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), astute investors should not overlook TSM stock (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing). Here’s why… The surge in Nvidia’s stock has caused a ripple effect, boosting chip stocks globally. The reason behind this is quite simple: Nvidia doesn’t manufacture its own chips. Instead,

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Netflix Buy Or Sell Stock?

nextflix buy or sell stock cover

Netflix’s stock price has surged by more than 130% in the past year. With the anticipation of promising results in the upcoming earnings report, the question arises: Will the stock price continue to rise? Is Netflix buy or sell stock? Netflix has seen positive results from its ads tier, which offers a lower price for viewers.

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