Top 10 Invest Tools

You want to start investing to grow your wealth, in order to beat this crazy inflation! 
But you are wondering, how should I get started?
There are hundreds of invest tools, apps, and brokerage platforms out there, which one should you choose to start investing safely? That’s why in this post, I am going to share with you the top 10 invest tools that I personally have been using for years, to help me grow my portfolio safely! And the best part is, they are all FREE!

When it comes to investing, it’s essential that we only invest in great businesses that have the potential to grow, so that we, as shareholders, will make more money buying and holding those companies over time. The question is, how do we know if they are great businesses? That’s why we must look into their financial track records. This thus leads to my top investment tool no.1!

Top 10 Invest Tools No.1 – Morningstar

Morningstar is a free website that you can use to track the financial track records of the company. It provides up to 10 years of financial data for you to have a quick analysis of the company you intend to buy. 


Top 10 Invest Tools No.2 – Gurufocus

Another investment tool that I use to analyze a company is Gurufocus. One cool thing about guru focus is it gives you scores based on its algorithm, it will tell you the financial strength of the company, as well as its profitability rank.

It also tells you if the stock is considered undervalued or overvalued based on its valuation metrics. And of course, you want to buy a company when it’s undervalued, which means is cheaper than its actual worth! So in the case of apple, it’s undervalued based on guru focus’s standard! 

Top 10 Invest Tools No.3 – Simply Wall Street

Another tool I use to understand the company better is Simply Wall Street. This website provides you with 5 free searches per month, allowing you to look into the financial data of the companies in a more visual way.

I also like how this website gives a quick glance at the CEO’s compensation analysis if they have been overly compensated. I certainly will be more careful if the CEO is being paid too much as it kind of shows the interest of the management is not aligned with the shareholders. 

You can also see insider selling or buying from this website too!

Top 10 Invest Tools No.4 – Jitta is one of the great investment tools you can consider using. One good thing about this website is it allows you to analyze different countries’ stocks, including the US, Singapore, Hong Kong, and more! It will tell if the company is a good company or not by displaying its Jitta score and how much % is it below or above the value line!

Top 10 Invest Tools No.5 – Yahoo Finance!

As an investor, apart from investing in a good company and buying it at a good price, we also need to keep track of the company’s news and updates, so here are my favorite apps to do so!

Yahoo Finance is an app you can download to your phone and you can use it to read all the latest news on the companies you are interested in. 

It also keeps you updated on the earnings date and lets you know if it beats or misses the expectations at 1 glance.

Top 10 Invest Tools No.6 – Motley Fools Money Podcast

To stay up to date of investing news, I also constantly listen to Motley Fools Money. The podcast provides a lot of valuable insights on many stocks, and most importantly, the right investing mindset to be a successful investor long-term. 

Top 10 Invest Tools No.7 – Trading View

For those who does technical analysis and like to read charts, one free tool I love to use is Trading View, where it allows you to add in 3 different indicators for free. I like this website as it looks very clean and makes it easy for me to read my chart. A trade I recently executed made me more than 45% in 20 days. And this company is called Phillip Morris. I did this together with options strategies. If you are wondering what options trading strategies really work, make sure you check out my post what are options call to learn more.

Top 10 Invest Tools No.8 – moomoo

Once you’re done the necessary analysis, it’s time for you to take action! So which brokerage platforms should you use to get started?

One of my favourite is moomoo, a brokerage platform that allows you to trade international stocks, including the US, Hong Kong, Singapore, and China. It’s regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and most importantly, the account opening is super fast. It only takes less than 1 day to open and fund your account to start investing! 

It also provides key financial metrics of the company for you to have a quick overview. 

Right now, moomoo is running a great promotion right now. If you fund $2700 SGD or equivalent in other currencies, you will get a FREE stock such as Amazon, and an additional $40 cash coupon to your account! 

I will also be giving you my Private Portfolio Watchlist once you signed up and funded $2700 SGD via my link. All you need to do is to notify me via the Google form so I can send you my watchlist within 1 week. On top of that, you can do options on moomoo too, thereby increasing your return even more within a shorter time!

Top 10 Invest Tools No.9 – TD Ameritrade

When it comes to US options investing, my top brokerage choice will be TD Ameritrade. This platform is super sleek and user friendly, and provides a lot of robust features on options. All the market data is free and you can use it to analyse your options trades easily. 

Why do I like options so much? Because it can give my portfolio an accelerated return as compared to just buying and holding onto the stocks. And there are different options strategies you can use in different market conditions. That means even in the bear market like now, you can still make profits and protect your portfolio using options!

Top 10 Invest Tools No.10 – Arigato Investor Telegram

Here comes the no.10, which is my own telegram channel! I post investing insights over there every single day, where I talk about stock dissect, market updates and some of my options trades as well. If you haven’t joined, make sure you do so right now!

If you find this post helpful, remember to share it to your friends so that you can also provide them the necessary tools for them to get started investing safely 🙂 Arigato!

In the meantime, you can also check out the video I made for this post, so you have a deeper understanding of each invest tools!

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