Should I buy Meta?

should i buy meta cover

With the recent earnings of Meta, investors see a decline in revenue and increasing expenses. As a result, many investors are worried about the future of Meta, causing massive selling of this once wall-street darling. But is META really that bad? In fact, if you are thinking: “Should I buy Meta right now given the massive drop?” Then read on!

Firstly, a lot of people are worried about declining revenue, and I think the concern is valid. Just look at the chart below and you can see it’s decreasing.

Should I buy Meta revenue drop

However, META is not the only one facing decline in ad revenue in this current economic situation. Google too faces slower growth and the Youtube revenue also dropped as compared to 1 year ago.

should i buy meta youtube

So as an investor, you need to ask yourself if the problem is permanent or temporary. If it’s a temporary problem faced by the industry, you don’t need to worry too much, as the situation will improve as the economy recovers.

Should I Buy Meta — Concern On Overspending In Reality Lab

Secondly, many people are concerned about Meta overspending on Metaverse, which is their Reality Lab project. But if you look closely, that’s not true.

Because out of 22.1 billion dollars of expenses, Family of Apps expenses were $18.1 billion, representing 82% of our overall expenses. And reality in comparison occupies less than 20%.

should i buy meta losses

So Meta is spending a lot of money to build data centers and to strengthen its AI technology in order to continue to improve its core business, which is FB/IG and more.

Having said that, I understand that competitors like TIKTOK are slowly stealing away screen time from META, and pumping ads into META is no longer as effective as it used to be, due to the platform being overcrowded with advertisers.

But as for now, the active user base of META platforms is still increasing. The business is still a cash cow that gets to benefit from the rising trend of digital advertising.

Should I buy Meta users base

Right now the PE ratio of Meta is only around 8… Where else can you find a great tech company selling at this valuation? So the massive drop in the stock price, actually makes the stock super attractive.

In fact, if you know how to use options, you can even use them to profit in different market conditions, regardless if Meta goes up, down, or sideways. Make sure to attend our Free Options Masterclass to learn it step-by-step!

should i buy meta pe ratio

Should I Buy Meta– Where To Buy?

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Do you think META is the stock to buy now? Comment down below and let me know your thoughts!

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