Safe to buy call options now?

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If you have attended our 3-day Options Mastery Bootcamp before, you’ll know the power of buy call options (Strategy X) and how it can help you to get exponential returns during a bull run.

And I know it must be very tempting to do so right now. Because if you get the buying timing right, and manage to capture the bottom of the bear market, your portfolio return can potentially be X00% using the power of Strategy X, especially after seeing some of our students like Hadi who turned $200k to over $1,000,000 using this powerful strategy during the 2020 V-shape covid recovery.

When to buy call options?

Remember what the rules stated in our 3-day Options Mastery Bootcamp are? Only execute Strategy X when there’s a bullish sign. And if you look at the chart below, we are still in the bear territory. This is still not the best time to execute this powerful strategy.

Having said that, if your portfolio is big and you have multiple bullets to fire, you can consider taking a more aggressive approach, which is to buy a call regardless of the market sentiment. But of course, you are subjecting yourself to more risks, that’s why you should ONLY DO SO if you have a bigger capital and a bigger risk appetite.  

Once again, there’s no one-size-fits-all kind of investment approach. It all depends on your investment goals, risk appetite, and understanding of what suits you the best.

But most importantly, continue to learn and continue to invest, so you will grow as an investor, and your portfolio will eventually follow suit. If you want to learn more about what options trading strategies really work and what are Options Call, do check out other learning resources on this website.

And if you want to learn how to invest in options step-by-step, feel free to join us in our upcoming free 2-hr options masterclass, where we are going to share with you 3 options strategies to profit in different market conditions. 

Just like what Warren Buffett said: “I always knew I was going to be rich. I don’t think I ever doubted it for a minute.”

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Keep On Learning,
Keep On Improving,
Keep On Earning!

I Believe In You! 

Thank you for finishing reading my thoughts. Give yourself a pat on the back for taking learning so seriously 🙂 Arigato! 

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