How To Invest: 4 Tips To Invest Your First $10,000

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Are you tired of seeing your portfolio growing as slow as a snail? Are you curious to find out how to invest your first $10,000 quickly and safely even as a complete beginner? Are you interested to learn how Warren Buffett accumulated his billions using a proven way of investing? If you want to learn how to invest your first $10,000 quickly and safely as a complete beginner, then you will find this post useful!

Before I share with you my 4 tips on how to invest and grow your first $10,000, I want to ask yourself a question: “What type of investor are you and what type of investor do you want to be?”

Do you often notice there are 3 types of people when it comes to investing? The first type of people is action takers, who will jump right into the market upon hearing a good tip. Their friends can tell them a stock tip or a good way of making money, and the next moment, you see that they’ve started taking action. But unfortunately, they tend to lose money most of the time because they don’t know what they are doing. 

The 2nd type of people is the thinkers. They want to make sure everything is under the best circumstances before they take action. Often they like to think a lot and a lot and a lot, for months and months and sometimes even years. And when you ask them, “have you started investing?” They will tell you they are still analyzing and this is not the best time to start. And they end up missing tons and tons of opportunities. 

The 3rd type of people is what I called prudent risk takers. They will take action decisively once they have done their own homework and research, and they understand that everything there’s a risk, including letting their money sit in the bank and rot by inflation. To grow their wealth so they can provide a better life for themselves and their family, they are willing to take calculated risks and start investing with proper guidance. 

So are you the 3rd type of investor? If you are, here are 4 tips for you to learn how to invest and grow your $10,000 quickly and safely! 

How To Invest Your First $10, 000 Tip No.1 – Only Invest In Great Businesses

Most novice investors like often fall into the trap of buying cheap companies in a hope that the cheap stock price one day will be 10X and 100X! Trust me, for the first few years of investing, I had the same thinking as well, buying into lousy businesses like GoPro and many companies I don’t even remember. I only bought them because they looked cheap, and they end up became cheaper and cheaper.

However, my portfolio started to turn around when I finally decided to be no longer a cheapskate and only invest in high-quality businesses such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Google. They may look expensive on the surface. But they are truly companies that can give you more and more and more value over time, and make you more and more and more money, months after months, years after years! 

How To Invest Your First $10, 000 Tip No.2 – Use Options To Accelerate Your Return

If not investing is like crawling, buying stocks is walking, then doing options is like driving! It can bring you to your dream destination much faster! Options have the multiplier effect that can help you to grow your wealth exponentially and safely if you know the right options strategies to use with the right guidance! 

If you are wondering what options trading strategies really work, check out the video I created here sharing my Secret Japanese Kurikaeshi strategy, and how you can start investing with just $5000 and grow it to over a million in less than 10 years! If you want to create your million safely too in the shortest time possible, this is the options strategy not to be missed.

If you follow my Kurikaeshi options strategy, you would have used up about $5000, how to invest the rest of $5000? Then here come my third tips.

How To Invest Your First $10, 000 Tip No.3 – Invest With A Diversified Portfolio

When it comes to portfolio sizing, different investors have different opinions. For beginners, my suggestion is to keep to 10 stocks in your portfolio. You don’t want to over-diversify into 50 over companies, because I once made that mistake and my portfolio was still losing money after investing close to 1 year. On top of that, I had no time to go through the companies’ updates as there were just too many of them. 

But you also don’t want to be over concentrate on 2-3 companies, because your portfolio will be very volatile and plus, even good companies can go wrong. My advice is, to invest in a style that can help you to sleep peacefully at night. If you can sleep with volatility, then concentration is not a problem. But if you are not, then best to diversify into 10 different companies. 

With the balanced $5k, you can easily diversify and buy into great businesses like Microsoft, Google, Apple, and more. And when your portfolio grows bigger as you continue to fund your account, that’s when you can buy more of them and even start doing more options strategies to accelerate your return! 

For those who are wondering how to execute options strategies safely and profit from the stock and options market consistently, my team and I will be conducting an upcoming Options Foundation Class. Come and level up your knowledge in our free 2-hour workshop!


How To Invest Your First $10, 000 Tip No.4 – Fund Your Account Continuously

Finally, tip number 4, would you prefer to achieve your million in 10 years or in just 5 years? If you want to achieve it faster, then continue to fund your account. It’s very important to understand that this $10,000 is not the only $10,000 in your life for investment. You should continue to build your income and fund your account so that you can hit your million-dollar portfolio in the shortest time possible! And when you have a bigger portfolio, you can do even more options strategies on great companies for accelerated return! 

So which tip do you think is most useful for you? Comment down below and share this article with your friends, so that more people can learn to invest their first $10,000 safely and profitably. If you want to have more updates on my investment insights, join my telegram channel where I update daily investing insights! 

I also wrote a post on what are Options Call, and how you can use it to accelerate your portfolio growth. Check it out to keep your learning going!

P.S. I made a YouTube video on how to invest your first $10,000. Check out the video if you prefer learning in a more interactive way! Happy investing!

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